How do I unsubscribe from an ACOR online community?

Before you go, we'd like to make you aware of some alternatives to signing off...

  • You can stop mail delivery temporarily by setting No Mail Mode (See Below for How). This is an excellent option if you will be away from your computer for a few days or a few weeks.
  • You can use Digest Mode to get only one message a day from the list. Digest Mode sends you one big message each day containing all of the day's messages. See below for how to set digest mode.
  • If the number of messages is overwhelming your inbox, another option is to set a filter in your email program so that all of the list mail goes into a special folder. That way you won't need to hunt for your other important mail among mail from the list.
  • If you'd like to be able to participate without getting any mail from the list, you can set No Mail Mode (See Below for How) and still read the list using the archives by signing in. You can still post when you are nomail.

The short instructions:

Send an email message to:

Leave the subject line blank and on the first line of the message type:

unsubscribe from the name-of-the-list list

The name-of-the-list can be obtained from the email address of the community preceding the part of the email address. For example, the email address of the prostate ACOR community is The message of the unsubscribe email would be:

unsubscribe from the PROSTATE list

Problems changing your subscription?

If you are having problems, please check our detailed article on solving problems, including signing out. If you still can't solve the problem, please send an email to - we'll help!

Unsubscribing Manually and Setting the Digest and No Mail Modes

You control your subscription by sending e-mail messages to a special e-mail address. These messages are read by the listserver program which will then process the command.

This address is not the same as the address for posting messages to the list. If you send to that address you will not execute a listserv command but you will send a message to over 600 listmembers. This address is also not the same as the address for contacting the listowners. Sending to the listowner contact address will only send a message to the listowners; it will not change your subscription

The address for sending e-mail commands to the listserv is:

In all cases the command itself is placed in the body of the message on a line by itself, not in the subject field. If you send a "signature" at the bottom of each e-mail you should turn it off or delete the text as these lines will be interpreted as listserv commands and will generate errors.

The listserver will respond to each command message, usually within a few minutes. Normally, this message confirms your command was processed successfully, but if there was a problem processing your command, the listerver's response will let you know.


To unsubscribe send:

unsubscribe name-of-list
Using the DIGEST and NOMAIL commands

If you want to stop mail temporarily send to the list:

set PROSTATE nomail
And when you want mail to start again:
set PROSTATE mail
You can also set List to digest mode so you get one big messag each day. To do this send:
set PROSTATE digest
To set it back to individual message mode:
set PROSTATE nodigest