Login & Password: Obtaining a Password


Some LISTSERV user functions require you to log in using a password and your email address. Whether login is required depends on the list settings. For privacy reasons all the ACOR public lists are setup so that only list subscribers may see the list archives.

Therefore LISTSERV will prompt you to log in to determine if you are a subscriber. To log in, you'll need a LISTSERV personal password.

Creating a Password

The easiest way to create a password is to click on this Create a LISTSERV Password link.

  • The "Create a LISTSERV Password" screen appears.
  • Fill in your email address, and type in a password of your choosing. (LISTSERV asks you to type it twice to protect against misspellings.) Then click the Create password button. LISTSERV will acknowledge the registration request onscreen and send you a request for confirmation via email. NOTE: before LISTSERV actually accepts your password, you must confirm the request (see next section).
  • When you use the web interface, LISTSERV "knows" you by the email address with which you log in. So, generally, your login address should be the same as your subscriber address for the list you wish to access. If you commonly use more than one email address, you may wish to create a password for each address. (You may use the same password for multiple addresses, if you wish.)

Confirming a Request for Confirmation

To confirm the request for confirmation, bring up your email software. (If you use more than one type of email software, choose the one at which you receive mail at the address you used to create your LISTSERV password.) You should find a request for confirmation from LISTSERV in your email Inbox within a moment or two.

There are two ways to confirm your subscription: by email reply, or by web hyperlink.

To confirm by email reply: Press the reply button in your email and type the word OK in the body of the reply. Leave the subject intact. Send the message.

To reply by web hyperlink: Find the text near the top of the request for confirmation that reads, "To confirm the execution of your command, simply point your browser to the following URL:", followed by a web link. Click on the link to confirm the command. This should bring up your browser window, and you should see an acknowledgement that your new password has been accepted.

After confirming your password, press the BACK button in your browser to return to the LISTSERV Login Screen. You should now be able to log in using your new password. At this point, you should see the main archive page for the list you have selected.