How to write or post to a list?

Before posting for the first time, please take a few minutes to review the list rules, and our suggestions about how to write good posts.

If this is your first post, consider starting your message by introducing yourself, and describing your situation.

In order to post, you must be subscribed to the list and your email must come from exactly the return address you subscribed under.

Every ACOR has a specific email address composed of 2 parts: the list name followed by the location of our mail server

As an example, if you have subscribed to KIDNEY-ONC, the ACOR list for kidney cancer, and would like to send a message to the list you would send an email to, or reply to any message you've gotten to the list (very occasionally a reply will may be generated which goes to the individual who wrote the post rather than the whole list, so check the address you are sending too.

Don't forget to include a good subject or to change the subject as needed, and if replying to another message, please delete any text you don't need to quote!